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Monochrome Customized LCD Display Segment Code Screen Of Onboard Instrument
Monochrome Customized LCD Display Segment Code Screen Of Onboard Instrument
Monochrome Customized LCD Display Segment Code Screen Of Onboard Instrument

Monochrome Customized LCD Display Segment Code Screen Of Onboard Instrument

Display Type:VA/NEGATIVE Structure:LCD+PIN Operating Voltage:4.5V Operating Temperature:-30℃~85℃ Storage Temperature:-40℃~90℃ Drive Mode:1/4D,1/3B Viewing Direction:6:00 Polarizer Type:TRANSMISSIVE Connector:PIN Module Size:80.38*30.88*2.90 View
Display Type:VA/NEGATIVE
Operating Voltage:4.5V
Operating Temperature:-30℃~85℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃~90℃
Drive Mode:1/4D,1/3B
Viewing Direction:6:00
Module Size:80.38*30.88*2.90
View Area:70.38*25.88


Product Details


monochrome customized LCD segment code screen of onboard instrument

Display Type VA/NEGATIVE
Structure LCD+PIN
Operating Voltage 4.5V
Operating Temperature -30℃~85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~90℃
Drive Mode 1/4D,1/3B
Viewing Direction 6:00
Connector PIN
Module Size 80.38*30.88*2.90
View Area 70.38*25.88


The mono LCD display offers a reliable and versatile visual solution for a wide range of applications. With its VA/NEGATIVE display type, the module provides clear and crisp monochrome content that ensures optimal visibility and readability.

The display structure combines an LCD panel and PIN connection, resulting in a sturdy and secure display module. This structure enhances the overall durability of the display, making it suitable for various devices and environments.

Operating at a voltage of 4.5V, the display ensures efficient power consumption while maintaining optimal performance. This operating voltage allows the module to deliver consistent and reliable visuals without compromising on energy efficiency. Users can enjoy extended battery life and efficient power usage when utilizing devices equipped with this display.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the mono LCD display operates in a wide temperature range of -30℃ to 85℃. This wide operating temperature range ensures that the module remains functional and reliable even in harsh environmental conditions. Whether used in hot or cold environments, the display maintains its performance and readability.

For storage purposes, the display can handle temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 90℃. This wide storage temperature range ensures the integrity of the module when not in use, providing peace of mind during transportation and storage of devices equipped with this display.

The drive mode of the display is 1/4D and 1/3B, optimizing the performance and power consumption of the module. This drive mode ensures smooth transitions and efficient operation, enhancing the overall user experience. Users can expect seamless visual experiences and responsive interactions when using devices featuring this display.

The viewing direction of the mono LCD display is set at 6:00, allowing users to comfortably view the content displayed on the screen. This viewing direction is optimized for ease of use and ensures that the displayed information is easily readable from a typical user's perspective.

With a transmissive polarizer type, the display offers excellent light transmission, resulting in clear and legible visuals. This polarizer type enhances contrast and visibility, ensuring that the displayed content is easily readable in various lighting conditions. Whether indoors or outdoors, users can rely on this display to provide optimal visibility.

Equipped with a PIN connector, the display ensures a secure and reliable connection to the host device. The PIN connector provides stability and durability, ensuring that the display operates optimally even under challenging conditions. Manufacturers and users can have confidence in the display's long-term reliability and performance.

The module size of the display is 80.38*30.88*2.90, providing a compact and space-efficient solution for devices where size is a constraint. Despite its compact size, the display offers a generous view area of 70.38*25.88, ensuring that users can comfortably view and interact with the displayed content.

In conclusion, the mono LCD display with VA/NEGATIVE display type offers a reliable and versatile visual solution for various applications. With its wide operating temperature range, efficient drive mode, and transmissive polarizer type, this display ensures clear and crisp monochrome content with optimal visibility. The PIN connector provides a secure and durable connection, while the compact module size allows for integration into devices with limited space. Whether used in industrial equipment, medical devices, or consumer electronics, this display enhances the overall user experience by delivering reliable and high-quality visuals.



What is a mono lcd?

A mono LCD, short for monochrome LCD, is a type of liquid crystal display that can only display one color. Typically, this color is either black, white, or various shades of gray. Monochrome LCDs are commonly used in devices that do not require color displays, such as digital watches, calculators, and some industrial equipment.

Mono LCDs work by using liquid crystals that change their orientation in response to an applied electric field. The orientation of the crystals affects the amount of light that is able to pass through the display, creating the images and text that appear on the screen. Because monochrome LCDs only need to display one color, they are simpler and less expensive to manufacture than color LCDs.

Despite their limited color capabilities, monochrome LCDs have several advantages over other types of displays. They typically consume less power than color displays, which makes them well-suited for battery-powered devices. They are also generally more durable and have longer lifespans than other types of displays, making them a popular choice for industrial and military applications where reliability is crucial.

In summary, a mono LCD is a type of display that can only display one color, typically black, white, or shades of gray. They are commonly used in devices that do not require color displays and have several advantages over other types of displays, including lower power consumption and increased durability.



Our Products

We are specialized in LCD display, including mono LCD module,TFT module and AMOLED module, which is the high and new tech enterprises in the country with the independent research and development, manufacturation and sales. It has developed as the excellent one of the medium and small-size field display terminal suppliers.

We have been focused on customized TN/STN/FSTN/VA monochorome displays,as well as small to medium sized TFT displays and oled displays for about 17 years.


Product Application


The application of monochrome products:industrial control, home intelligent control,onboard instrument,official screen, mobile payment etc. personalizing custom in product family design according to custom's needs.

lcd 126x294 manufacturer


The application of AMOLED products:intelligent wearing,  children's education
The application of TFT products:intelligent wearing,  children's education,  smart home,  industrial control medical  treatment,  mobile payment etc.


lcd screen application



Manufacturing Capacity


We now have two complete monochrome LCD production lines, a dozen of fully automatic COG production line and the full processing capacity for COB and CTP full lamination.With a professional R&D team, Well-developed quality control system, highly effective execution and management team and a pro-innovation corporate culture. We vow to satisfy our customers by meeting the quantity and quality requirements.

LCD:2production lines 、370mm*470mm panel、production  capacity  60K/Mark/M
COG: 13 all-automatic production lines、0.5'' -8”modules、production  capacity 5KK/M
COF:2 all-automatic production lines、 0.7”-7”modules、production  capacity 500K/M
Team:800people in total, 60technicians,80 people in quality department.



Quality Assurance

Reliability Test Equipment:  17
Quality Inspection  Equipment: 230
Quality Assurance System: MES system,  ERP system



MES Quality Process Flowchart


quailty process lcd module

A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) quality process flowchart is a visual representation of the steps involved in the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products, with a focus on quality control.Overall, the MES quality process flowchart helps to ensure that the manufacturing process is carried out efficiently and effectively, with a focus on quality control and customer satisfaction.



The Honor of Enterprise

Intelligent Display  Terminal Supplier        

Thanks to our approach to seek innovation driven development, HEM has been pushing the frontier of the industry. We have earned honourary titles and certificates, such as ISO ISO9001 quality management certification, ISO14001 environment management certification, Director of Shenzhen Smart Wearable Device Industry Association, Member of National Medical Device Industry Association and National Hi-tech Company.






Shenzhen Operation Center


Jiangxi Manufacturing Center

Jiangxi HEM Technology Co.Ltd.was incorporated in 2016 and finds its headquarters in Wanzai  of Jiangxi Province.


Looking ahead


Huaersheng  invested 106,667 square meters display industrial park in 2022,which has the floorage of  12000 square matres.

Park planning: 2 panel production lines of 370mm*470mm, 6full-automatic AMOLED production lines,30 COG  full-automatic AMOLED production lines.





1.What kinds of display does HEM have?

 HEM is specializing in manufacturing TFT LCD display, Monochrome LCD display,Touch Screen, customized LCD panel, COB and COG display.  

 2.How can I find the right product?

Please send us your requirements or datasheet, we will recommend our standard products, if it’s not fit, we will do the necessary adjustment & customization.

3. Do you accept sample order or small quantity order?

Yes, you can place VA sample orders for testing first, and small quantity order as pilot production (no less than MOQ)

 4.What’s the lead time?

 Usually 3~5 days for VA sample orders if goods are in stock, and 4~5 weeks for mass production (basing on the quantity and particular product).

5.What’s your order process?

Evaluating the project and give quotation→confirming with the customers→customers 100% pay the tooling fee and samples cost in advance→we arrange the drawings for customer in three woking days after received the payment→customers confirm the drawings→we arrange the production of samples in two or three weeks after the customers confirm the drawings are okay→send the sample to the customers for testing→modify the design according to the customer's opinion and send the sample again until the customer is satisfied→customer 30% payment in advance→batch production


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